Monday, December 24, 2007

And the 24hr Loop Begins!

Aside from family, Christmas movies are one of my favorite things around the holiday. Erin and I always watch several Christmas movies over and over during this time of year, but there is one that tends to get more airtime than the rest: A Christmas Story. For as long as I can remember, the TBS station in the US has looped this movie for 24 hours every Christmas Eve!

It's just about 11:00am here in Florence, and Erin and I have started the loop (we ♥ technology)! Of course we'll probably mix it up a bit with the Home Alones (only 1 and 2 of course) and a few others, but A Christmas Story will be on the most.

I leave you all with this brilliant reenactment of a classic scene from the movie. Merry Christmas!

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Dreamer said...

Hello...I dont know you but still loved your blog...keep it up..if u dont mind I would like to keep bookmark on it :)